Hecate Key Protection Spell

Hecate Key Protection Spell


  • Hecate key
  • Black candle
  • Myrrh incense
  • Salt
  • Black string


  1. Prepare Your Sacred Space:
    Begin by creating a sacred and peaceful space. Cleanse your area by smudging it with the myrrh incense, starting from the doorway and moving clockwise around the room. This will help remove any negative energy and create a harmonious atmosphere.

  2. Light the Black Candle and Incense:
    Light the black candle and the myrrh incense. As you do so, visualize the protective energy of Hecate surrounding you and filling the room.

  3. Set the Hecate Key on the Altar:
    Place the Hecate key on your altar, which should be the central focus of your ritual space.

  4. Create a Protective Circle with Salt:
    Sprinkle a circle of salt around the Hecate key, envisioning it as a barrier that wards off negativity and harm. This circle symbolizes Hecate's protective embrace.

  5. Invocation with the Black String:
    Hold the black string in your hands, focusing your intention on protection. Say the following invocation with sincerity:

    Hecate, Keeper of the Keys,
    I call upon your power to protect me.
    With this key, I lock the door To all that would harm me.
    Shield me from all negativity and danger,
    And keep me safe within your embrace.

  6. Tie the String Around the Key:
    Tie the black string securely around the Hecate key, symbolizing the binding of Hecate's protection to you. Place the key back on the altar.

  7. Allow Candle and Incense to Burn Down:
    Sit in quiet contemplation as the candle and incense burn down completely. As they do, imagine the protective energy intensifying around you.

This spell can be cast whenever you feel the need for protection, or on a regular basis to maintain a strong shield of protection around you. The Hecate key is a powerful symbol of protection, and the salt circle helps to create a barrier against negativity.

- Once you have completed your spell, remember to express gratitude to Hecate for her protection. You can do this by leaving an offering on your altar, saying a prayer, or simply meditating on her energy.

Hecate, Queen of the Underworld,
I invoke your power to guide me
Through the darkness and into the light.
Keep me safe from all that would seek to lead me astray.

**After the Hecate Key Protection Spell is finished, you can do one of the following with the black string:

  • You can braid the black string into your hair.
  • You can tie the black string around your wrist or ankle.
  • You can weave the black string into a piece of jewelry.
  • You can add the black string to a dreamcatcher.
  • You can burn the black string in a ritual fire. 

- Wearing the Hecate key or carrying it with you can serve as a constant reminder of her protective presence in your life.

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