Welcome to the Pagan Workshop!

We are talented experienced craftsmen with the greatest love in our hearts to what we do.
Jewelry for us is a way of life, way of thinking, of creation itself - this is what we breathe and live with, this is a part of ourselves.
In an ingot of silver, in a shining bronze, in an interweaving of patterns and runes, we embody the magic of this world, all it’s versatility and beauty.
We create your personal, unique masterpiece right from sketch to embodiment in metal - we do not use copies of other people's works and do not sell the mass market products.

In the Pagan Workshop, you will not find unnecessary lines or meaningless symbols - before the actual creation of every of our artifacts, we consult on every detail with an Eril, a runic master, to bring sacred and deep meaning to each of our creations.
The Master Gor creates sketches for us - weaves runes into magical patterns, spells that are designed to help you in everyday life.
In our workshop you can find not only wonderful jewelry and amulets - with care and love we create home decor, various items for your personal altar and magical artifacts.

Come to our Pagan Workshop and we will certainly share with you a spark of magic, which is embodied in our masterworks!