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RUNE Necklace AMULET to improve PREDICTION abilities

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Material:925 Sterling Silver

* Necklace length:29.5" or (75cm)
* RUNIC AMULET: 1.6x0.2 inch (4.2х0.6 cm)
* Material: 925 Sterling Silver, German Silver or Bronze
* Black cotton cord (length of necklace can be adjusted with sliding knots)

 The nature of life is such that it is basically unpredictable. But throughout the existence of the human race, people have been searching for ways to look into the future, interpret it, and understand its mysteries. Nothing has changed since then, and this Rune necklace can provide great help.
 Since ancient times, people from every culture and nation, from Egypt to Scandinavia, have honored and sought the services of Oracles, Pythonesses, Völvas, and others gifted with prophecy. These individuals wielded power greater than kings and priests, influencing the course of wars, shaping rulers, and advising on matters of policy. This gift is truly legendary, requiring considerable time and effort to develop and refine. However, this Rune necklace can mildly boost and facilitate this process.
 The runes inscribed on the necklace are dedicated to Odin, praising him as one of the wisest deities in Germanic-Scandinavian mythology. The necklace directly appeals to his wisdom.
 Therefore, if you are interested in looking into tomorrow, discovering the outcomes of events, or gaining insights into your life's journey, this Rune necklace will offer you guidance and assistance in developing your prophetic gifts.

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Customer Reviews

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Item is exactly as advertised. Great quality


I wear it every day


I haven't had a chance to look at this necklace closely yet. We have been traveling and just got home but so far it looks really nice. It feels like a nice weight and I think it will be appreciated. It's a birthday present.


The item took about a month to get here but it was worth the wait. The pendant is amazing and I simply love it. Only thing I would change is to make the necklace hole slightly bigger, other than that, it’s perfect.

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