Motanka doll
Ukrainian Doll
Ukraine Motanka Doll
Motanka Doll
Ukrainian traditional doll

Motanka - Ukraine handmade doll

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Motanka - doll is a great interior element, which is decorating your home and protecting your family.

Motanka - is a powerful sacred doll, symbolizing goodness and prosperity. Each doll is an unique handmade work of the master, created based on ancient traditions. When making a doll, craftsmen wind or wrap it with cloth and threads, and for fastening they use ribbons and threads, which simply wrap the parts around and fix them with knots. The doll's head is formed from a small piece of fabric, inside which a ball of thread, other shreds or cotton wool is inserted. Such a blank of the head is wrapped crosswise with threads, symbolically depicting the face of the doll. The body with the head is also connected with threads, tightly wrapping them around the body of the doll from the head down and perpendicular to the body, thereby forming the arms of the Motanka. Next - craftsmen make clothes, jewelry and hats or hairstyles that give the doll an unique look.
This doll can be a beautiful decor for your house, but also a talisman, which will bring to family prosperity and protection.
Such ancient, traditional Ukrainian Motanka-dolls personify the unity of family ties of many generations. Usually such a doll passed on from generation to generation, as a talisman which is protecting family.

Size: 12 x5 inch (30 x 14cm)
Material: Fabric, thread

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