MJOLNIR Bracelet
MJOLNIR Bracelet
MJOLNIR Bracelet
MJOLNIR Bracelet
MJOLNIR Bracelet

MJOLNIR Bracelet

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Material:925 Sterling Silver

Bright flashes of lightning, roaring thunder splitting the heavens and the bursting laughter of the red-haired god Thor accompanied the very process of creating this stunning handmade pendant.

Mjolnir is the legendary hammer of the Scandinavian god of thunder, the great Thor.
According to legend, the aces themselves recognized it as the best creation among everything that the masters - dwarves from Svartalfheim had ever created. 
This hammer was used to kill and revive, it blessed and cursed - and today you can use its power too, as vikings and Scandinavians did.
Mjolnir serves primarily as a protective amulet, but it is also able to strengthen its wearer in many ways - a little triquetra in this pendant is symbolizing three great Thor's strenghts - his strong undying spirit, strong warrior's body, and, of course, strong mind that can stop battle before it even begins.

Wear Mjolnir as a symbol of the strength of your character, the will and steadfastness of Thor himself!

* Mjolnir Size: 1.2" х 0.8" or (3,2cm x 2,3cm)
* Material: Bronze - 925 Sterling Silver
* Black cotton cord. Max size 9” or (23cm) But length of bracelet can be adjusted with sliding knots.

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