Mithras Tusk Crescent Moon Necklace
Silver crescent moon pendant related to Mithras
Mithras pendant
Crescent moon necklace
Tusk pendant sterling sliver
Silver Tusk necklace
crescent moon pendant made of silver

Mithras Tusk Crescent Moon Necklace

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Material:Silver Plated Brass

 The Mithras Tusk Crescent Moon Necklace embodies the elegance and mysticism of ancient Roman Mithraism, a cult worshipping Mithras, the god of light and truth. Crafted from 925 Sterling Silver or Bronze, the Mithras Tusk Crescent Moon Necklace features a Tusk Crescent Moon shape symbolizing growth and the cyclical nature of life. This versatile accessory blends ancient symbolism with modern design, perfect for any occasion.
 Mithraism, with its intricate rituals and underground temples, offered initiation into its mysteries, reflecting a spiritual quest for meaning and connection. Today, the Mithras Tusk Crescent Moon Necklace continues to captivate with its beauty and cultural significance, honoring the enduring legacy of Mithraism within ancient spiritual traditions.
 The Mithras Tusk Crescent Moon Necklace is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a connection to ancient beliefs and the quest for enlightenment. Embrace this timeless design and let the Mithras Tusk Crescent Moon Necklace elevate your style while paying tribute to ancient spiritual practices.

* Pendant length: 29.5" or (75cm)
* Moon Phase Pendant size: 1.5x1.2 inch or (3.7x3 cm)
* Material: Silver plated Brass - German Silver - Bronze - 925 Sterling Silver
* Black cotton cord ( length of necklace can be adjusted with sliding knots)

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Customer Reviews

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Patricia buchanan

this is such a beautiful piece that my husband stole it from me!! we will be ordering from this shop again and already have our eyes on a couple pieces.


Beautiful craftsmanship, the shop responded quickly to my questions. This has become one of my favorite shops.


Gorgeous piece!


It took my breath away!\nMine is in sterling silver, in some lighting it almost shines bright white! \nWent above and beyond my expectations for sure.\nGlory to Ukraine!


This crescent really reminds me of a beautiful and graceful wild white bull and LOVE wearing it!

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