Hecate Key Necklace
Key Necklace made of Bronze
Sterling Silver key pendant
Bronze key necklace
Hecate key necklace silver
Bronze key pendant
Hecate key necklace made of bronze
Key necklace made of bronze
bronze Hecate key pendant

Hecate Key Pendant with Tree Detail.

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 A captivating twist on the classic key necklace, the Hecate Key Pendant mirrors the elegance of a tree. Its pendant, resembling a tree with branches reaching skyward and roots delving below, holds a profound metaphor.
 The tree-shaped top symbolizes growth, strength, and life's experiences. Each "branch" unlocks cherished memories and unique moments, like keys to different chapters. Just as a tree's canopy embraces the sky, this pendant encapsulates life's journey.
 Meanwhile, the root-inspired bottom embodies grounding and continuity, symbolizing deep-rooted connections with our past and origins. The intertwining roots reflect our interconnected lives and relationships.
 Wearing the Hecate Key Pendant serves as a reminder of our roots and growth, both individually and as part of a larger story. It represents the balance between beginnings and potential. This pendant is not just an accessory but also a testament to life's complexity and beauty.

 Use it daily or as a significant piece on your altar, embodying the spirit of the Hecate Key in your personal journey.

* Necklace length: 29.5" (75cm)
* Hecate key pendant size: 2x0.7 inch or (5x1.8 cm)
* Material: Bronze - German Silver
* Black cotton cord ( length of necklace can be adjusted with sliding knots)

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