Hecate Key Necklace
Key Necklace made of Bronze
Silver key pendant
Bronze key necklace
Hecate key necklace
Bronze key pendant
Hecate key necklace made of bronze
Key necklace made of bronze
bronze Hecate key pendant

Hecate key with tree

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A key necklace takes on a captivating twist with a design that mirrors the elegance of a tree. Its pendant, resembling a tree with branches extending upwards and roots delving below, holds a profound metaphor.

The tree-shaped top represents growth, strength, and the branches of life's experiences. Each "branch" holds the key to a different chapter, unlocking cherished memories and unique moments. Just as a tree's canopy embraces the sky, this pendant encapsulates the beauty of life's journey.

Meanwhile, the root-inspired bottom embodies grounding and continuity. It signifies the deep-rooted connections we share with our past, our origins, and the people who shape us. The roots intertwine, just as our lives are interwoven with those we love and the experiences that have defined us.

Wearing this key necklace becomes a reminder of our roots and growth, both as individuals and as part of a broader story. It encapsulates the intricate balance between our beginnings and the heights we can reach. The Tree of Connection key necklace serves as a wearable testament to the complexity and beauty of our lives, inviting admiration and sparking conversations about the intertwined nature of our personal histories.

This Key necklace can be used as an everyday pendant or as a Hecate Key for your altar.

* Necklace length: 29.5" (75cm)
* Hecate key pendant size: 2x0.7 inch or (5x1.8 cm)
* Material: Bronze - German Silver
* Black cotton cord ( length of necklace can be adjusted with sliding knots)

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